Faster ROI with rapidLIVE

"As we prepared to expand our services, we needed a reliable and feature-rich clinical data management system that the pharmaceutical industry knew and trusted. Oracle Clinical provides us with the functionality we need to help ensure quality services to pharmaceutical organizations through accurate clinical data capture and precise information management. PharmaSOL used the innovative "rapidLIVE" approach, which allowed for a quicker implementation of the full suite. The streamlined training and validation package simplified the system rollout and meant that users were immediately productive with the applications." 

said Anna Jurczynska, Director of Business Development, Sermes CRO, 2010




Fast, affordable, fixed-price implementation of the OLS

rapidLIVE is a compelling and innovative way to simplify and accelerate the implementation of leading commercial Life Sciences systems. rapidLIVE is an affordable (fixed-price) accelerated deployment solution enabling small to medium-sized companies to go into production in the shortest possible time. It is a fully validated and ready-to-use package of a leading commercial Life Sciences system with its full functionality intact.

Rather than the traditional method of working through each part of an application, assessing the different ways it can be used, and then selecting an approach for your organization; you can rely on our industry-leading experts to guide you on how best to use the different applications.

Using our experience gained through many implementations, we have developed a “best practices” method of using the applications. This allows us to provide tailored  training, an effective user manual that contains detailed step-by-step instructions, and a proven validation package that requires no customization; all running over a pre-configured installation.

Our rapidLIVE approach

  • Pre-installed and validated
  • Ready-to-use / pre-configured
  • Low fixed-cost pricing
  • Go-Live in less than 2 months
  • Includes Validation & Training materials
  • Available onsite, hosted or SaaS


rapidLIVE is currently available for the following products

  • Oracle Clinical - Clinical Data Management
  • Thesaurus Management System - Medical Coding
  • Oracle Remote Data Capture - Electronic Data Capture
  • Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) & ARGUS - Safety
  • Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub - Clinical Data Warehouse


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