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psiXchange - intelligent, automated SUSAR distribution to global recipients

  • Allows sending of any business-critical safety document to any recipient - ensuring acceptance
  • Seamlessly connects to data sources including ArisG LifeSphere, Oracle Argus, AB Cube Safety Easy
  • Intelligently manages contact lists in any CTMS or within psiXchange Clinical Trial module
  • Ability to manage reporting requirements within platform - including cross-reporting and retrospective reporting
  • Delivery according to exact recipient preference (e-mail, fax, download link, courier, smart portal)

Discover psiXchange v3

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Minimises the potential for manual error

psiXchange requires virtually no system management, reducing the potential for manual errors. psiXchange automatically generates your required SUSAR distributions, freeing your team to simply monitor the status from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Increases compliance through automation

Even small mistakes can lead to big problems when it comes to regulatory compliance. Automation with psiXchange means that the end-to-end SUSAR distribution process is reliable, transparent and controlled - every time.

Generates cost savings

Full automation leads to a more streamlined process - meaning significantly reduced efforts for your team and lower costs for your business.

More Benefits


Does psiXchange link with safety systems?

Yes. psiXchange seamlessly interfaces with any safety system – including ArisG, AERS and Oracle Argus – and any CTMS system..

Is psiXchange accepted by all regulatory recipients?

Yes. psiXchange’s use of existing and preferred communication channels dramatically simplifies and streamlines the sending of safety documentation to sites, ECs and IRBs - ensuring acceptance by all.

How long does it take to implement psiXchange?

The technical simplicity of integrating psiXchange into your organisation and processes means that full implementation is quick and easy, with expert support from our dedicated team.



Business process automation

Powerful and flexible end-to-end business automation tool to optimise any business process – used by some of the world’s leading organisations to automate safety letter distribution and save as much as 90% on operational costs.

Dynamic Data Hub

Harnessing stable data relations, psiXchange’s dynamic data hub delivers actionable information. With full audit trail and continuous monitoring, psiXchange ensures maximum compliance across complex regulated environments - including clinical trials.

Automation and Control

psiXchange connects to multiple data sets using established data relations and domain knowledge, providing a flexible solution for content management – including delivery of SUSARs and other safety documentation to support pharmacovigilance activities.

Technical Details


Hundreds of studies managed with psiXchange


Tens of thousands of unique recipients across psiXchange


Millions of distributions generated with psiXchange

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